When it comes to accomplishing routine data-collection tasks with greater efficiency and accuracy, the 70 Series RFID mobile computers are the answer. These devices combine advanced RFID reading and a no-compromise design with best-in-class ruggedness, battery life, and ergonomics. Three models to choose from: CK70 RFID, CN70 RFID and CN70e RFID. The no-compromise solution is now RFID enabled. The Honeywell 70 Series RFID family takes the no-compromise 70 Series’ already impressive feature set and adds passive UHF reading.
Adding RFID capability to 70 Series mobile computers has not come at the expense of size and weight. A fully integrated design utilizing Honeywell’s IM11 embedded module – along with an internally housed antenna – enables advanced RFID read performance while maintaining the already-compact form factor of the 70 Series.
The result is a fully integrated mobile platform that exceeds typical RFID read range requirements, in a design that’s more compact and comfortable to use than competing devices.



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