2D Barcode Scanner in Pakistan - CBS4000

The CBS4000 supports USB and Bluetooth-HID, Bluetooth-SPP, and Bluetooth -SPP communication mode to meet different needs. With the press of a button, you can easily pair it with any supported host. Its aggressive decode performance Scan virtually any barcode on any medium, no matter it’s printed on paper, or displayed on a mobile phone screen. It's also Ensures compatibility with your current applications and allows users to capture data, regardless of whether they are on or offline. Its efficient wireless Bluetooth technology provides freedom of movement up to 20 meters from the host device.

  • Image Sensor   :   640*480
  • Scan Range   :   UPC-13mil : 4—18cm
                                  Code39 20mil : 8—25cm
  • Scan Rate   :   120FPS
  • Wireless Range   :  25 meters
  • Min Symbol Contrast   :  25%
  • Sealing Level   :   IP42
  • Battery Capacity   :  1600mA
  • Interface   :   BT-HiD,BT-BLE,BT-SPP, USB-HID
  • Operating Temperature   :   0-40°c
  • Storage Temperature   :  —20-40°C
  • Dimensions   :   118.5mm*50mm*25mm

2D Wireless Barcode Scanner CBS4000

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