The CK70 mobile computer targets the unique needs of courier express and parcel/postal operations. The device’s features focus on increasing your efficiency and delivering unparalleled reliability for track-and-trace and proof-of-delivery applications, even in the most extreme conditions.
If you run a courier express, parcel (CEP) or postal operation, then the CK70 Ultra-Rugged Mobile Computer is for you. We designed the CK70 computer precisely to increase efficiency and deliver unparalleled reliability for your track-and-trace and proof-of-delivery applications – even in the most extreme conditions.
Our imaging engine is one of the fastest in the industry. It’s capable of scanning barcodes moving at up to 12.7 m (500 in) per second. As a result, the CK70 computer provides your workers with remarkable motion tolerance and high read rates, even in a highly dynamic work environment.
The CK70 computer’s aiming system is also designed for your workflows. It features bright white LED illumination and a red laser aimer optimized for all lighting conditions.
And because the aimer projects downward at a 35° angle, it’s easier for your mobile workers to scan barcodes on parcels while viewing the CK70 computer screen.



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