Car Parking Guidance System in Pakistan

Ultrasonic Detector for Parking

Time and Speed are two of the most important commodities these days, especially in car parking. Cloud Parking Guidance Systems is a complete solution consisting of ultrasonic detectors for traffic jams, bad customer experience, and wasted time problems once and for all. Cloud parking guidance system will lead your customers towards a vacant parking space in the fastest time possible: from seeing the first LED display outside the parking lot to their desired vacant parking space.

Items Used for Car Parking Guidance Systems

Ultrasonic Sensors
Central Controller Unit
Inside Guidance Display
Outside Guidance Display
Display for Main Entrance
Parking System Software


  • Efficient use of car parking space.
    Saves time, energy, helps to prevent and avoid overcrowded areas, reaches an excellent customer experience, and more.

  • Flexible and intuitive to use for parking lot owners, contractors, and drivers
    We all know how frustrating and annoying can it be for your customers to circle around and waste time looking for empty space.

  • Professional customer training and consulting.
    If needed, we provide special training to help your team manage cloud parking guidance system most effectively.

  • Parking time, usage, turnover statistics for marketing.
    With CLOUD Parking Guidance System, you can increase your car lot spacing by up to 15%!

  • Reduced traffic jams.
    Especially important for organizations who care about the environment.

    we will create a custom car parking solution if you need one

Benefits of Cloud Car Parking Guidance Systems

Benefits for Travellers

  • Clear signage to the best car park
  • Clear signage to the next vacant bay
  • Saves driver time

Advantage for Car Park Owners

  • Happier, stress free visitors
  • Better use of parking facility
  • Accurate reporting on use

We Can Solve Your Parking Facility Challenges

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