The Leica Digicat xf-Series locators provide operators with additional 512Hz and 640Hz tracing modes, enabling operators to trace buried utilities over greater distances or to easily detect sewer – camera inspection systems. Additional features include Mode Lock – the locator starts in the last mode of operation and Current Measurement, used to trace and identify services when using the Leica Digitex signal transmitter and Digimouse Standard Sonde.
The Leica Digicat xf-Series locators are designed with an emphasis on long distance tracing and the detection of sewer – camera inspection systems. Two additional tracing frequencies, 512Hz and 640Hz, have been added to the xf-Series locators and signal transmitters, delivering a greater tracing range for ground surveyors and utility contractors.
Additional features such as Mode Lock, where the locator starts in the last mode of use and Current Measurement, used to identify utilities and potential faults, will provide operators with an effective solution for their surveying task.
GIS mapping via Bluetooth® connectivity allows operators to seamlessly capture information about the utility they are surveying. The geographical position and utility depth can be captured, additional site notes and photographs can also be included, maximizing the survey process.



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