LOGiCAT software allows you to upload stored records from the Leica Digicat 600 and 700 i-Series and xf-Series locators to view the locators use, simply upload all records or search by date.
Leica LOGiCAT VU is a management and monitoring system for analysing data from cable locators. Cable locators are used to identifying the location of buried utilities; the data enables instruments to record GPS coordinates alongside logged instrument data.
The system gives fleet managers a “view” of how the survey was conducted and if it has been undertaken to best practice. The locator positions can be mapped and presented through Google maps, highlighting the path of the survey.

  • Greater insight if best practice has been followed
  • Data visualisation on satellite images to support interpretation
  • Clarity for post utility strike evaluation
  • Data export to GIS and BIM System
  • Integrated GPS Technology
  • Determines how long survey teams searched for buried utilities and reveals actual product utilisation
  • Detection Mode
  • Product Fleet Management
  • Management Reports


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