Measuring Wheel Surveying Accessories in Pakistan

Measuring Wheel Surveying Accessories in Pakistan are excellent tools for measuring long distances in a hurry. Some people call distance measuring wheels "footage wheels" or "distance calculation wheels". They are great for estimating paving jobs, building lot sizes, carpet estimates, grass seed and fertilizer calculations, insurance calculations, fence estimating, utility contracting, and other uses when a large distance measurement is needed quickly. To use, simply reset the counter, place the wheel at the point you want to start measuring, and roll in a straight direction to the stopping point, then read the counter. Hence, the reason they are called a "Rolling Tape Measure".
There are a few things you need to be thinking of if you're going to get the best measuring wheel for you that fits your needs. First, there are different sizes of Distance Measuring Wheels that you can choose from such as; a small wheel for indoor measuring, a medium wheel for both indoor and outdoor, or a large wheel for outdoor only. Generally speaking, the rougher the terrain, the larger the wheel, and the smoother the terrain, the smaller the wheel. Also, theres a choice of counters and units and there are basically two types of counters to choose from; Mechanical or Electronic. The Mechanical counters offer only a single unit of measure (your choice), and the Electronic counters offer multiple units of measure all in the same model of measuring wheel. Mechanical counters are great if you don't want to rely on batteries and you usually work in one type of units. Electronic counters are great if you want to have multiple types of unit measurements (inches, feet, metric, yards, etc) all in a single model of measuring wheel.

  • Balanced in-line design
  • Sealed roller bearings
  • High-traction tire
  • Folds for easy storage or transport
  • Pistol grip trigger operated brake
  • Belt driven counter for long life and smooth operation
  • Heavy-duty chassis
  • Debris scraper
  • Wide stance folding kick stand
  • Automatic shut-off

Level tripod for the British and British general center screw, applicable to all types of domestic level instrument.

  • Counter type   :   Digital
  • Units of measure   :   Feet, feet/inches, feet/tenths, meters, meters/centimeters, meters/decimeters, yard, yards/inches
  • Wheel diameter   :   12.5"
  • Range   :   Up to 9,999'
  • Folded length   :   19"
  • Extended length   :   37"
  • Power supply   :   2 AA Batteries (not included)
  • Weight   :   6 lbs

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