The Spectra Precision ProMark™ 120 GNSS system is the most versatile post-processing solution, designed for easy and efficient land survey applications. Thanks to the embedded Ashtech Z-Blade technology as well as GPS and GLONASS signals tracking, ProMark 120 provides high-precision measurements even in very demanding or obstructed environments.
The Ashtech ProMark 120 Receiver from Spectra allows survey professionals to quickly and accurately map locations for efficient land survey, RTK, GNSS and even GIS applications. As an upgrade to the ProMark 100, this survey GPS contains an external ASH661 L1/L2 antenna that can track both GPS and GLONASS signals, on-board field software, Windows programs and upgradeable options such as NTRIP/DIP, RTK and GLONASS, for a versatile survey solution.



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