ZKTeco has released the uFace302 Multi-Biometric T&A and Access Control Terminal which supports 1,200 face templates, 2,000 fingerprint templates and 10,000 cards (optional). It is equipped with ZKTeco latest hardware platform and algorithm, which provide clients with a brand new UI and user-friendly operating interface, bringing them a smooth using experience. With the advanced face algorithm and multi-biometric verification technology, the terminal’s security level of verification is greatly enhanced.

  • 3,000 face and 3,000 fingerprint templates
  • Multi-languages
  • High verification speed
  • Advanced and user-friendly UI
  • Chip encryption for firmware protection
  • Optional built-in battery backup providing approximately 4 hours of continuous operation
  • Easy to extend functions and customize client’s requirements
  • One face template is registered for one user only
  • Able to detect whether the face is an actual face or a photo, enhancing the security level of verification

Technical Specifications

  • Model     uFace401      uFace402
  • Display 4.3-Inch     Touch Screen
  • Face capacity     3,000
  • Fingerprint capacity     / 3,000
  • ID Card capacity      10,000      10,000 (optional)
  • Communication     TCP/IP, RS232/485, USB Host
  • Logs capacity     100,000
  • Communication     TCP/IP, USB Host, WiFi (optional)


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