Surveying Equipments in Pakistan - Mapping Equipments in Pakistan


Surveying accessories are essential tools and equipment used by surveyors to assist in the measurement, mapping, and documentation of land and other physical features.

Automatic Levels

Increase your efficiency at a structural work sites when checking layouts or estimating heights. With the Leica Jogger levels, these jobs are done quickly.

Garmin Handheld GPS

A handheld GPS unit is great for geocaching, hunting, hiking, camping, or just exploring the world around you. Unlike a car GPS, a handheld unit is designed for exploring more rugged terrain.

GPS/GNSS Solutions

GPS/GNSS solutions are advanced technologies that utilize satellite signals to determine precise positioning, navigation, and timing information.

Total Stations

We offer a range of highly precise and accurate Total Stations. Each uses the latest distance technology to take advantage of a powerful suite of on-board programs and many sensor and accuracy options.

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