Working together, two optical sensors track the movement of any object close to the surface by detecting the interruption of an infra-red light source. The light is emitted in a plane across the surface of the screen. At the heart of the system is a printed circuit controller board that receives signals from the optical sensors. Its software then compensates for optical distortions and triangulates the position of the touching object with extreme accuracy.

  • Multi-touch is capable. Optical Touch accommodates multiple touch points with a high degree of precision.
  • You can touch the screen anywhere, with anything— a finger, a pen, a credit card. Even the lightest touch will be registered. Annotations are fast and precise.

Technical Specifications

  • Model   :   CLOUD IB-82
  • Technology  :  Optical imaging touch technology
  • Way of writing   :  Pen, fingers, or any other opaque object
  • Surface material   :   High strength, low reflection hard coated eco-friendly composite
  • Resolution   :   ≥32768×32768
  • Precision   :   ≤0.1mm
  • Response speed  :   ≤6ms
  • Sampling rate   :   180 dot/m
  • Process rate   :   ≥5m/s
  • Power   :  <1W
  • Multi touch   :   Support Win7、Win8 and Mac, Linux operating system
  • Way of installation   :  Wall-mounted bracket or movable stand (optional)
  • Shortcut key   :   16 shortcut keys on each side of board
  • Overall size (mm) (W×H×D)   :  1670×1224×37/(82 inch)
  • Active area (mm) (W×H)   :   1637×1150 (79 inch)
  • Net weight(kg)   :   24
  • Aspect ratio   :   4:03
  • Accessories   :   Wall-mounted bracket, 5 m USB cable, Whiteboard pen
  • Workable temperature   :   -15~50℃

Cloud Smart Interactive Board

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