Omni Directional Barcode Scanner in Pakistan - CS6170

The Cloud CS6170 is the ideal on-counter laser for retailers who require high performance in a compact design. Supporting all common 1D barcodes, the CS6170 is specially designed with retail in mind and can be used in a wide variety of applications such as point-of-sale, customer loyalty application, couponing, at affordable price! Featuring a rugged design, the CS6170 on-counter scanner is IP50 rated for environmental protection and has a high 1.5 m drop specification, making the scanner durable.

  • Type of light source   :  650nmHigh-intensity laser diode
  • Scan distance   :  0~210mm@(UPC/EAN 100%, PCS=90%
  • Scan mode   :  Adjustable front and rear inclination, Supports single-line scanning
  • Scan angel   :   1500line/second
  • Scanning precision   :   5 scanning directions
  • Number of scan lines   :   20lines
  • Minimum resolution   :   0.127mm(5mil)@Code 39, PCS=90%
  • Print contrast   :  >30%(UPC/EAN 100%)
  • Prompting mode   :   Acoustic and volume adjustable audio speakers
  • Communication interface   :   HID USB、 Analog keyboard
  • Cable standard   :  straight:2.0m
  • Voltage   :   5VDC±10%
  • Working current   :   150mA

Omni Directional Barcode Scanner CS6170

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